About Shila


I started to attend yoga classes in 1988 after giving birth to my daughter.  I enjoyed it but didn’t take it any further than the weekly class until I met Swami Vedantananda and started Satyananda yogaIt felt like I had come home as the emphasis is on awareness and spiritual yoga.

I did my teacher training with Swami Vedantananda, completing the Bihar School of Yoga (India) teaching diploma after studying  at the London Centre and in Munger at the Bihar Yoga Bharati.  I also hold a diploma by the governing body for yoga, The British Wheel of Yoga. I did a module on children’s yoga and  in March I started  pre and post natal yoga training with Birthlight.

I grew up in Africa in a household where yoga and ayurvedic techniques were part of our everyday life.  My grandparents did neti, pranayam and chanting as part of their morning ritual. Learning all the aspects of yoga in a more systematic manner has enhanced my practice and it gives me great joy sharing this knowledge.

At present I am doing a course on Ayurveda philosophy, pharmacology and cooking.  Ayurveda is interwoven with yoga and again it enhances my understanding of food and how it can be used in natural healing and maintaining optimum health.

“A photographer gets people to pose for him.  A yoga instructor gets people to pose for themselves.”  T. Guillemets