Testimonials for Ayurvedic Cookery Course

 Moya Watson

“I took Shila’s introduction to Ayurveda one day course first and found it to be an interesting insight into the science of Ayurveda, exploring Doshas and Gunas and using case studies to enhance learning.

I then took Shila’s nine session Ayurveda Cookery course. I really enjoyed learning to make wonderful Indian food in the Ayurvedic tradition in a welcoming home environment.

I liked the schedule of discussing the hand-outs and identifying the principles of using different ingredients and their Ayurvedic properties, before the hands on experience of cooking the food together and finally sitting down to enjoy the delicious meals in a  friendly environment and discussing all things food and Yoga.

I loved the intuitive nature of Ayurvedic cooking, feeling the quantities and using the hands to gently prep the food in a peaceful and happy atmosphere. I liked the spirituality of chanting before we ate and the communal sharing of the preparation and the serving of the meal.

One of the highlights of the course was the trip to Southall and having access to Shila’s expertise on what ingredients where and what they were used for. We also saw an Ayurvedic Doctor for an individual consultation before a quick stop at Broadway to buy kitchen equipment and then heading to Shila’s cousins house for a lovely meal in the sunny garden.

I return to the stores regularly to buy my ingredients and was very proud when I bought a Chapatti pan to be able to tell the shop keeper that I make my own Chapattis and Parathas as well as Ghee and Paneer.

The background that this course has given me has enabled me to include Ayurveda’s principles in my daily life which I genuinely believe has been beneficial to my overall health, as well as iontorducing Yoga friends to the food by hosting meals to raise money for the Nirvanavan charity.

I would recommend the course as an interesting and interactive way to learn about the principles of Ayurveda from an experienced teacher and practitioner. You will learn how to include Ayurveda in your everyday life and how to make wonderful and interesting food.”


Rachel Miller – Uckfield, East Sussex

“We met up at Shila’s house on a Saturday every month to learn about the preparation and cooking of vegetarian dishes. What fun we had chopping, frying, kneading and then eating our masterpieces.

We learnt about which foods balanced our type of body and generally about how we function individually with lots of tips and ideas about how to combat dietary problems.

The best day of all was our trip to Southall and wandering in and out of the shops looking for cooking utensils, pots and pans

Lastly the wonderful meal we had in Shila’s relative’s garden.

I took part on the Ayurveda cookery course with Shila. I enjoyed it very much and found Shila and the group to be warm and friendly, and Shila’s teaching  approach very clear and easy to follow both in the lessons and at home from her hand-outs. I now use what I have learnt to adapt my family’s meal with the Ayurveda approach to health and wellbeing.”