Yoga Testimonials

Anne Dupres 

Anne Dupres

‘What does Yoga mean to me?

• Control and balance between mind and body through breathing and postures

•Exploring the mind through meditation

•Relaxation of the senses

•Time to focus on myself and to eliminate stress

•Friendship and support of the group

•Best of all – laughter’

Judith Bladel

‘Shila has a genuine interest in her students and always makes time for a chat.  Her classes are a kind of safe haven for me; a time to ‘press the pause button’, and I always feel stronger and more balanced afterwards.  When I went through a difficult personal time Shila helped me cope and move forward by offering compassion, wisdom and practical yoga ideas to try out.’

Evy Burgess

‘I would just like to say how much I enjoy your classes. I have been attending for many years now and even though bits of me don’t work as well as they should, you always find exercises that I can do. I really benefit from these classes and I find I am much more supple than I used to be. I also find the breathing exercises help when I have difficulty sleeping. You will be pleased to hear that I even exercise every morning now so I really do benefit every day from what you have taught me.’

Minty Bell

‘Yoga calms my butterfly mind

and I feel an energy

that envelopes me,

live a silk scarf.

Yoga stills my anxious thoughts

and soothes my fears,

and I feel safe.

Yoga brings me peace

and serenity

at any time of day.’

Mary Dearth, Tutor – Mental Health Nursing

I gave birth to my daughter in 1997 and remember feeling as though I was never going to recover from the shock. I’m sure it was fate intervening when I saw Shila’s advert for yoga classes for beginners, some time in 2002. After the first class, I realised that this was what my body, and more importantly, my mind needed to help me restore the balance in my life. I don’t particularly like living in Horley but I can never move away, unless Shila moves too! Shila is an excellent teacher who explains everything very clearly, and gently. She doesn’t overload us with information but uses a drip drip approach. I always come away feeling energised and my sleeping pattern has improved enormously. I am much more aware of my body and consciously think about my posture, which has also improved. Emotionally, I am calmer and more in control of my thoughts and feelings. 


 Judy & Mike Sands

Shila’s Yoga sessions are a wonderful tonic. She varies her programme each week to make sessions enjoyable with a perfect balance of asanas, meditation and relaxation. A testimony to her Yoga Class is that her pupils stay with her, as she creates a happy friendly atmosphere for everyone there. 


When I was in my teens, I injured my back on a fall from a horse which had bolted. I was told I had chipped the bone in the bottom of my back in 2 places. I was also involved in a car accident in 1976, in which I was injured quite badly. Over the years my back has become quite painful and I had trouble sitting and standing for any length of time. I went for treatment some time ago which did help my back, but the pain and discomfort soon returned. A friend suggested I try Yoga, so I looked on line for a local centre and found ‘FIT’ and a Wednesday night Yoga class. I joined in the later part of 2007 and have never looked back. We are taught exercises which are comfortable to do, breathing exercises, and the art of relaxation. The breathing exercises have done wonders for my blood pressure and I find I can de-stress very easily by taking a few minutes during the day to practice them. If I do get any back pain I take time out to do some exercises and find the pain disappears very quickly. The last half hour of the class is spent on relaxation and self awareness and I have found it very helpful to practice this after a busy day and can relax much easier, and sleep more peacefully. I look forward to my Wednesday nights with Shila, it is an extremely healing and relaxing evening. 

Emily Webster 

I can whole heartedly recommend Shila’s yoga classes. I have found I have become more supple and in tune with my body. With Shila to guide us we are a supportive group of people ranging in ages and abilities. Come and join us.